Pull-on Bell Boot Blues

Pull-on bell boots can be a pain, but sometimes they’re all you’ve got to work with.  Here is a way to make putting them on and taking them off easier.

To put them on:

1. Flip the bell boot inside out.

2. Pick up your horse’s hoof as though you are going to clean it out and pull the bell boot onto the hoof.  The wide base should go on first, so that your horse’s toe sticks out through the smaller top of the boot.  Shimmy the bell boot on by pulling it near the edges of the hoof (see the arrows in the picture below).

3. Once the boot is over the foot, gently place your horse’s hoof back down on the ground and pop the boot down over his foot so it is rightside out. Easy as pie!

To take them off:

1. Stand just behind your horse’s shoulder, facing his head.

2. Pick up his hoof and place his toe on your leg.

3. Pull the boot off over his heel!


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